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Glazed Blueberry Pie

Ingredients & Directions

1 pk (3 oz) cream cheese
1 9-inch baked pastry shell
4 c Fresh blueberries
1/2 c Water
3/4 c Sugar
2 tb Cornstarch
2 tb Lemon juice

Soften cream cheese; spread in bottom of cooled pie shell. Fill with 3 c.
berries. Combine 1 c. berries and the water; bring just to boiling, reduce
heat, and simmer for 2 min. Strain, reserving juice (about 1/2 c.). Combine
sugar and cornstarch; gradually add juice. Cook, stirring constantly, till
thick and clear. Cool slightly; add lemon juice. Pour over berries in
pastry shell. Chill. Serve with whipped cream.

1 Servings

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