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Chocolate Tarts

Ingredients & Directions

1 Tube Pillsbury chocolate 1 lg Pkg Resees cups
-chip cookie dough

1. Particially freeze the dough to make cutting it
easier. Then cut dough into 12 even slices. Cut each
slice into 4. (48 total pieces)

2. Lightly spray miniture muffin pans with veg spray.
Place 1 piece of dough into each of the muffin cups.
Bake at 375 for approx. 6-7 minutes. Don”t over/under

3. Take out of oven, Immediately put a Reeses cup on
top. Let set for a few minutes. May have to lightly
press the Reeses down a little. Let cool, take out.

Can shake the pan so that the chocolate will spread
over the top of tart if you like.

48 servings

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