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Chicken And Vegetable Layered Pie With A Crunchy Pasta To

Ingredients & Directions

300 g Chicken; diced
150 g Mushrooms; sliced
1 Peppers; diced (1 to 2)
1 lg Tomatoes; diced (1 to 2)
1 pk Continental Mushroom; Garlic
-and Black
; Pepper Pasta and
; Sauce
1/3 c Water
1 1/4 c Milk
1/2 c Milk

50 g Melted butter
50 g Cheese; grated
50 g Breadcrumbs

Make up the pasta and sauce with the 1/3 cup water and 1 1/4 cup milk,
following the instructions on the packet.

Mix the topping ingredients together.

Put the diced chicken into an oiled or buttered baking dish.

Add a layer of mushrooms, then peppers and lastly the tomatoes.

Add the extra 1/2 cup of milk to the pasta sauce, stir and pour over
the chicken and vegetables.

Sprinkle on the topping.

Bake at 180 C for 40 minutes or until the chicken is cooked.

Serve with a green salad or green vegetables.

1 servings

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