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Shaker Lemon Pie

Ingredients & Directions

In a medium-sized, non-reactive (glass or glazed pottery, NOT aluminum
under any circumstances, and stainless or plastic are acceptable if
necessary) bowl, put about two cups of sugar.

Take two good-sized lemons, and wash the outsides (no soap, please).
Slice them very, very, very thin, cutting across the axis. That way,
you can see when you’re getting close to seeds and pull them out
before you slice them. You’ll need a VERY sharp knife with a fairly
thin blade to slice the lemons /paper/ thin.

Put the lemon slices (notice that you never removed the rind?) in
with the sugar, and mix it all up thoroughly. Leave this somewhere
not terribly hot not terribly cold, overnight.

The next day, make a pie crust and line a pie plate with it, or use a
store-boughten one. Take four eggs, and whip them vigorously until
they’re frothy. Mix the eggs with the sugar-lemon mixture (which
ought to be somewhat soupy by this time) until mixed thoroughly. Pour
the filling (that’s all that’s in it: two lemons, two cups sugar,
four eggs) into the crust, and bake in a 350 oven until done. I seem
to remember this being something like 35-40 minutes, but am not

It’s an /amazing/ pie — one of the best I’ve ever had, and incredibly
simple, and also inexpensive.

1 servings

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