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Wonderful Walnut Pie (or Pecan Or Peanut)

Ingredients & Directions

1/2 c Brown sugar, packed 1/4 c White corn syrup
1/2 c Soft butter or margarine 1/2 c Light cream
3/4 c Granulated sugar 1 c Broken walnut meats
3 Eggs 1/2 Teasp. vanilla extract
1/4 Teasp. salt 7 Walnut halves

Any Wonderful Pastry for 8″ or 9″ pie shell

Early in day: Start heating oven to 350 F. Line 8 or 9″ pie plate
with pastry; trim edge even with pie plate. From pastry trimmings,
cut out dime-size circles; moisten each circle; overlap circles
around rim of pie plate, pressing down as you go.

In double-boiler top, cream together brown sugar and butter; stir in
granulated sugar, eggs, salt, corn syrup, and cream. Cook over hot,
not boiling, water 5 min., stirring constantly. Remove from heat;
stir in broken nuts and vanilla. Pour into lined pie plate. Bake at
350 F. 50 min. Arrange walnut balves around top. Bake 15 min.
longer. Cool on wire rack. (For toasty nuts, bake pie 15 min.; then
arrange nuts on top of pie, and bake 50 min.)

To Serve: This pie is delicious as is, but if desired, you may top
each wedge with small ball of vanilla ice cream or small mound of
whipped cream.

PECAN PIE: Substitute pecans for walnuts.

PEANUT PIE: Substitute salted peanuts for broken walnuts. Bake 1 hr. 5
min., omitting extra nuts on top. Serve topped with small mounds of
whipped cream and a few peanuts.

6 servings

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