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Fresh Fruit Tartlets

Ingredients & Directions

4 oz Shortcrust pastry
2 oz Dark chocolate, melted
4 oz Cream cheese, at room
1 tb Double cream
1/2 oz Caster sugar
Vanilla essence
Fresh fruit (strawberries,
Raspberries, sliced peaches,
Etc )
Apricot jam or red currant
Jelly, melted and sieved, to

Line tartlet tins with the pastry (use boat-shaped tins if you have
them). Bake blind in a preheated oven at 375 degrees for 10 minutes.
When cold, brush the inside of the tartlet cases with the melted
chocolate and leave to harden.

Mix together the cream cheese and double cream until very smooth,
then add the sugar and vanilla essence. Fill the tartlet cases with
the cream mixture and place fruit on top. Brush with apricot or red
currant glaze, depending on the fruit used, and leave to set.


4 servings

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