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Banana Cake

Banana And Allspice Pie

Ingredients & Directions

1 pk Frozen sweet pastry
3 Bananas; diced
2 Bananas; sliced
2 tb Ground allspice
200 ml Whipped cream
50 g Chopped walnuts
75 ml Clear honey
Icing sugar
Caster sugar

Roll out the pastry and cut into 4 inch rings. Bake in the oven until
the edges are just brown. Mixed the diced bananas with the allspice
and layer this between 2 of the pastry rings. On the top layer, add
the sliced bananas and drench with icing sugar. Caramelise on top
using a blow torch.

Mix the whipped cream with the honey and nuts, then spoon on top of
the dessert. Garnish with fresh mint and/or creme anglaise.

1 servings

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